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AquaClear 6 Pack AquaClear Toric 6 Pack

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AquaClear @ Sharp Contacts AquaClear Toric
Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses Toric Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses
AquaClear Contact Lenses

AquaClear® contact lenses are identical to Biofinity® contact lenses. They are marketed under the brand name “AquaClear” as a private label brand required by retail groups that may include optical chain stores, warehouse optical outlets, or even large buying groups who may wish to sell the product within their network. Even if brand names and packaging graphics are different the lenses are identical products. The order you have placed will be filled with Biofinity® Toric. Exact same manufacturer and identical product with different packaging.

® contact lenses are manufactured with a highly specialized silicone hydrogel material using CooperVision’s famous Aquaform® technology. This technology results in lenses that retain their wettability and deliver greater comfort to the wearer. Customers routinely report soft and hydrated lensesthroughout their wearing schedule. Aquaclear® lenses, ability to deliver oxygen to the cornea is very high because of the combined high oxygen transmission properties of silicone hydrogel with those of water. With properties that allow for the presence of a higher water environment within the lens Aquaclear® is known for its resistance to dehydration as well as surface deposits. Aquaclear® is recommended as a monthly lens (meaning that the lenses are to be removed every night but replaced once a month for new lenses). See your eye doctor for the wearing regimen that best suits your eye health.