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Thank you for your interest in Sharp Contacts!

Sharp Contacts is one of the fastest growing Direct-To-Consumer Vision Products Companies, specializing in both prescribed and cosmetic contact lenses and accessories. Currently, our product delivery reaches more than 160 countries globally, including the USA, Canada, and countries throughout South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

We carry and provide the exact contact lenses as prescribed by your optometrist, in original factory-sealed packaging, at amazing
discounts up to 50-80% below what you pay at the retail level. Enjoy the convenience of our hassle-free delivery right to your home or office.

Our Products and Services

At Sharp Contacts, we provide only FDA and Health Canada approved contact lenses to our consumers, and offer an excellent track record of speedy, accurate order fulfillments.

We carry and sell over 600 vision care products, including contact lenses, cosmetic lenses, authentic designer sunglasses, solutions, and lens cases. You will find a wide selection of lenses from all major brands, including Acuvue, Freshlook, PureVision, and Biomedics. We pride ourselves in fully carrying Toric (Astigmatism), Colored Cosmetics, and Multi-focal lenses for different prescription requirements.

Insurance Partnerships, e-Claims

As an authorized healthcare products provider, we have partnered with various Insurance Companies in Canada and the US to offer our clients prescription products without the hassle to file a manual insurance claim by mail.

Available since 2012, Sharp Contacts and numerous Insurance Providers have established an e-Claim system for directly and securely filing health insurance claims. Provided with a plan member's Group and Policy #, we are able to directly receive payment from the insurance provider to complete an order.

What this means:

- We do not require pre-payments from your member. We get paid directly by the insurance provider, and ship to you directly. Member's cash/ credit card/ PayPal balance is not locked up in the duration between purchase and claim.

- Environmentally friendly by reducing the quantity of paper claims.

- One less errand to remember! No more forgetting to claim your health benefits! We bring the service right to you.

- Saves each member money (Paper, envelope, stamp, commute to post office, commute to bank/ATM)

- Saves each member time and hassle (Fill out a claim form, attach receipts, snail-mail, wait for cheque to arrive, lining up at the bank/ATM, wait for cheque to clear)

- You receive faster response and processing from the participating insurance companies. We can follow up with them directly!

Vendor Managed Health Care System

We are excited to offer a FREE Vendor Managed system for your Company, Union organization, or Academic Institute across Canada and the US.

For your organization's members, we can provide a group incentive including:

  • Exclusive Discounts, for individual and group purchases
  • Claimable Insurance/ Medical Benefits for each member and their legal dependents
  • For e-Claims, no up front payments from any members necessary
  • Free Shipping/ Delivery on All Orders

We are always looking for exceptional and reliable partners.

If your organization is interested in learning more about this Group Purchase and e-Claim opportunity to save each of your members time, efforts, and money, contact us directly and our management team will be happy to assist you.

We look forward to offering our brand name eye care products at unbeatable prices, as well as to building a solid partnership with your organization to enjoy mutual benefits.

Please contact our Business Account Manager, Toby L. at

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Thank you for choosing Sharp Contacts.