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FreshLook One-Day Colorblends 10 Pack
FreshLook One-Day Colorblends Contact Lenses by Ciba Vision


Colored Daily Disposable Lenses
As Low As price starts from 6 boxes (1 months supply)!

As Low As: $16.99
Price Per Box: $18.99

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SPH - Right Eye (OD)*:

SPH - Left Eye (OS):
Base Curve

BC - Right Eye*:

BC - Left Eye:

DIA - Right Eye*:

DIA - Left Eye:

Color - Right Eye*:

Color - Left Eye:
Box Quantity

Right Eye Qty*:

Left Eye Qty*:

Total Item Quantity:  

The Daily disposable Freshlook Colorblends. Its advanced 3-in-1 color technology, blending three colors into one to create the subtle, natural depth of beautiful eyes. Also creating the most natural eye color ever for both light eyes and dark eyes. New fit is not required for current Focus Dailies patients.

Lenses are available in the following colors: Blue, Pure Hazel, Green, Gray.
  • Manufacturer : Ciba Vision
  • Lens Type : Daily Disposable Lenses
  • Packaging : 10 Lenses per box
  • Material : 31% Nelfilcon A, 69% Water

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